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For some silly reason or other, I made an injoke about Anne McCaffery's Pern to my husband this morning. And that put the entire Pern universe in my head.

Like all fannish things these days, that led to thoughts of Adam in that universe. Wiki has some decent articles about Pern for those who don't know.

So, Adam's the Weyrsinger (entertaining the riders, their family and support staff, and teaching the children). He's seventeen, doing his journeying before going back to the Harperhall to eventually become a singing Master. He can play instruments – required for harpers - but, of course, he's mostly about his voice. He's also very good at teaching the weyrbrats. And there's a Hatching and – here is where I had two very different thoughts.

1. The serious treatment. Adam Impresses a bronze dragon. This throws the Weyr into consternation because while there are plenty of gay dragonriders, they all ride blue or green (low-ranking) dragons. What if – horrors – he becomes the Weyrleader? Actually, this is probably more of an issue for the Lords Holder, but it's an issue. He's also old for a weyrling AND he does have this whole other job.

2. The silly treatment. Adam bonds a gold dragon. Her name is Glamth. Chaos ensues.
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Shavua tov!

I received one of the best stories ever for Yuletide and I want everyone to read it. :)

Esther and the Egg
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Dear Yuletide Author:

Thank you!!!

The most important thing I want is for you to have fun.

General guidelines - For m/m slash, you can get as explicit as you like. For all else, non-explicit please. My squicks include body modifications (piercings, tattoos, brandings) and extreme S&M (in fact, you just can't go wrong with vanilla, although mild BDSM is fine.) I am not a fan of stories bases around holidays.

Hunger Games (Finnick/Cinna) - The two of them must have met in the past. I know Finnick loved Annie, but maybe he needed someone in the Capitol, too...Can be lovers, can be friends, can be at odds.

Fairy Tales - Retell any fairy you want in any way that works for you. Yeah, I know. Too vague. Ideas - make Sleeping Beauty a man and the Prince a very pragmatic peasant woman. Send two princes on a Quest to win a princess, and have them end up with each other. Have the three dogs in Andersen's "The Tinder Box" rebel. Again, these are hints, and nothing more.

Quarters by Tanya Huff "The Quartered Sea" ended on a hopeful note with Bendikt and Bannon. Can these two very different men actually work? Or has Bendikt changed too much?

Oh, dear

Aug. 1st, 2010 09:34 pm
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I am alive. I am well. I am cooking at work. I'm just not feeling the blog right now.

I'm active on twitter and in Adam Lambert fandom, and I'm actually writing, and seeing my therapist. I'm very sorry if people worried.


Jul. 6th, 2010 11:48 pm
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I've been needing new bras for awhile, and I know I've changed shape, so I went to a lingerie shop and got measured. tmi )


Jul. 6th, 2010 10:38 pm
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It's been a very long month - longest month of June, ever (and I know it's July.) [personal profile] jonbaker has one more day of sheloshim (first thirty days of mourning) before he...doesn't change a huge amount for the next ten months, except that he will now alternate leading his work minyan with another mourner instead of being the only one.Read more... )


Jun. 22nd, 2010 09:19 am
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During the period of mourning, one is not permitted to get new clothing (although some limit that to *good* clothing, the kind worn on Shabbos or for celebrations.) However, sometimes it's necessary.

An example - not only is [personal profile] jonbaker doing extremely well on Weight Watchers (so proud of him!), but he was in desperate need of a new suit before his father passed. His current one is very, very worn. We just didn't have time to get him one. So, is he stuck?

There's a solution - have someone else wear the clothing - really wear it, not just try it on - first. Then it's no longer new. Jonathan's a big guy, and probably always will be despite the weight loss, but we do have a close friend who is, if not equally large, at least not small.

He's contemplating the phone call he'd need to make. "Hey, Stuart! I want your body!"

(Note - I was drinking coffee when he told me this. Barely averted disaster.)


Jun. 13th, 2010 06:27 pm
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I probably should have written about this before, but it's been very emotional for all of us.
Read more... )


Jun. 11th, 2010 01:10 pm
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I am only venting here, and I know it's going to sound terrible. I'm sorry about that.

Feel free to skip )

Thank you

Jun. 8th, 2010 10:32 pm
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I am overwhelmed with the sympathy and love I'm feeling from your comments tonight. He was a wonderful, gentle man who played trumpet and taught music. I will miss him so much.
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My beloved father-in-law, Sydney Baker, passed on today.

Funeral will be 1:30PM tomorrow at the Plaza - 630 Amsterdam Ave at 91st St in Manhattan.
Shiva will be at the family home starting that evening. Please email me at or for more information. I'm sorry.

He was a wonderful and special man, and the world is now a poorer place.

This can be passed on or posted to appropriate communities.
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Our stove died a week ago, the first night of Shavuot. Well, the oven did. Today, my new one arrived. My first new stove. All the burners work! It has a high output burner, a simmer burner, a self-cleaning oven and a Sabbath Mode. I'm VERY happy.

May 25 and 26, 2010
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I was really busy beforehand,so here's my yom tov menu.

I started with a major handicap - I discovered on yom tov that my oven isn't working. The burners are, but not the oven itself. It won't ignite, not even with a match. This made for some menu changes. We'll get it fixed next week. Shabbat dinner will be made in the crockpot and we're going out for lunch.

Tuesday night - whole wheat penne with ricotta cheese, pine nuts, sundried tomatoes, scallions, garlic and olive oil. And salad. No guests.

Wednesday lunch (very late because people stay up all night) - Salad with tehina dressing (mixed with olive oil, lime juice and lemon juice to salad dressing consistency), guacamole, humus, cucumber spears. 2nd course - scrambled eggs with heated salsa. WAS going to be shakshuka, but I always have to finish that in the oven. Thus - compromise. Also, whole wheat pita and mimosas made with Proseco - delicious. And my guests brought pareve ice cream cake because she can't eat dairy right now.

Wednesday dinner - chicken filet, noodles and green beans.

Thursday lunch - pan-cooked tuna steak, leftover noodles (couldn't bake the potatoes as planned) and asparagus. And more ice cream cake.


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