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But they're three very different things, you know?

I lost my Tungsten C yesterday. I accidentally left in the car service and spent the rest of the day calling to find out where it is. I suspect it's been stolen.

I loved that device. I loved it so much that instead of getting a Palm TX (or even a Treo), I'm going to get a used one off of eBay. It's the best thing they've ever made and I will not give it up unless I have to. Even if I'm not allowed to use the keyboard at the moment.
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I'm experimenting with a better way to carry the PDA. This morning,I took the case I bought at the rest stop and shortened the strap by knotting it (took a square knot to do it right) and clipped it around my waist. Or the slightly indented part of my torso I call a waist.

It's loose enough that I don't feel constricted, but it also feels secure, and it hangs where I want it to - right over my right hip. It started on my left one, but it interfered with my purse there, and the right is more convenient.

So far, it's a success. Yay!

(Note: instead of the aluminum hard case, I'm using the flap cover that came with the PDA. I figured that would be sufficient protection and I didn't want the extra weight.)
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A PDA case/bag/whatever designed for women. Something that doesn't depend upon a separate belt because, like many women, I don't wear belts.

I have something close right now - it's a tiny leather bag just big enough to hold my pda in its aluminum case and my cellphone, on a thin, removable leather strap. It cost me $6 at one of the leather goods stands at a rest stop. HOWEVER.

However, the strap is the wrong length. When I wear it across my body, it ends just above where my waist would be if I had one, which is awkward and not attractive.

The ideal bag would be about that size, with an adjustable strap - when fully extended, it would be long enough to reach my opposite hip, which would place the pda where it would be if it were clipped to a belt. It could also be adjusted to wear as a waistpack.

Anyone know where I can find adjustable straps?


Jul. 6th, 2005 10:02 am
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Last night, I figured out why my PDA crashed Monday night. WordtoGo can only handle files below a certain size. When I exceeded that size, as I did both nights, kaboom!

Of course, the way I exceeded it the second time was by rewriting the part of the story I hadn't backed up the first time. Also, I wasn't home at the time.

When I got home, I resyncked and then started a new file. After writing it twice already, writing it a third time was easy, and I'm nearly caught up. And, of course, I think it's better. From now on, when a WordToGo file reaches around 10K words, I'm going to continue in a different file.


Jul. 5th, 2005 10:30 am
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It was a lovely day, one for which we'd originally had no plans beyond replacing our harddrive. However, on Saturday evening, we found out that the mother of a friend of ours had died, and that the funeral would be Monday.

So we went. )

We did need to replace the hard drive, so yesterday evening, my brother-in-law stopped by to help. They had it done - old hard drive removed, new one installed, about to close up and put it all together instead - when my PDA decided to crash. Everything I'd added was *gone*. There was only one thing they could do - reinstall the old hard-drive and hook it all back up again so I could sync it. All that work wasted.

I also lost about a thousand words in the story I'm writing on the PDA, but that's less of a thing. That's happened to me before, and I've always ended up with a better story.


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