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May those who celebrate have a wonderful Sukkot yomtov.

May those who do not have a perfectly lovely Tuesday and Wednesday.

And may , who began his birthday Sunday (English date) continue to enjoy it until his Hebrew birthday ends Wednesday night.
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Sukkah was put up and decorated yesterday. It still needs furnishing. We each have our lulav and etrog.

vegetable soup
sweet potato wedges
mixed vegetables
roast chicken
(currently - soup is cooking, sweet potato wedges are gingered and in the oven, waitingfor the chicken, veggies to be cooked later)

We have invitations for both lunch and dinner tomorrow.

Lunch Wednesday:
vegetable soup
potato kugel
string beans
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Night and day from last year. Last year, I'd had a stomach virus a couple days earlier that dehydrated me to the point that I couldn't fully rehydrate in time for Yom Kippur. Which, again, is no food/no water for 25 hours. Normally, I spend a significant portion of the night going to the bathroom because I'm, if anything, overwatered. Which I did Wednesday night, but not last year.

Last year, therefore, I was very bad by the end of the morning services, at about 1:30-2PM. I was bad enough that people made me eat and drink, which was so very hard. I went home to bed and stayed there, except for saying afternoon and final services alone, until it was full night.

This year, in my seat surrounded by friends, I was *fine*. I mean, I was hungry and I got a headache at one part, and it's always worse around mealtimes, and I sat whenever possible, but I was never dizzy and I felt fine. In fact, I didn't break my fast until after the evening service, about 7:30. I had several people making a point of asking how I was because of last year.

Also, other than one portion, I managed most of the service using my Hebrew-only machzor - mostly because it was lighter than the Hebrew-English. That gets important by the end.

I got into the prayers a time or two, but the best thing was watching Joy. Joy turned twelve this past summer, so this was her first *real* Yom Kippur, the first time it counted. She'd fasted last year, but knew she could stop when she wanted to. And you could just *feel* how important it was for her, how much she felt it. It was beautiful.

Yom Kippur

Oct. 8th, 2008 04:51 pm
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Signing off soon - probably until Friday morning.

If I have offended anyone in the past year - especially this past year - I beg your forgiveness.

May those who observe this coming day have an easy fast, may those who do not have a good Thursday.

And may we all be sealed for a good year of health and prosperity.
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My prefast meal:
Turkey scramble (onions, mushrooms, garlic, ground turkey, canned diced tomatoes) over noodles
Pineapple and coconut for dessert
Water. Lots of water.

My break-fast:
V-8 (mixed with seltzer) or Crystal Light Hydrate dissolved in spring water
Wheat crackers

Lentil soup
leftover turkey scramble
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Turkey is in oven.

I almost forgot the onion for the kugel - and since my kugel recipe is grated potatoes, grated onions, oil, eggs and matzo meal, that's a big deal. I had them in the margarined muffin tins and in the oven before I realized this. I'd even closed the oven door. But that was plenty of time for me to add the onions and all is well.

I've added carrots to the soup and cooked the noodles. Separately because who wants starchy soup/soggy noodles?

I'm going to sit for a bit before I clean off the dining roon table and put on the pads and tablecloth, and then take a fast shower. I think I'll have time to even relax with some coffee.
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Soup is simmering. Pot roast and casserole are in the oven. I used a real (read non-disposable) roasting pan for the pot roast and a very deep rectangular pan for the casserole - it fit perfectly. 4 onions, about fifteen chicken thighs, and nine potatoes, plus a can of diced tomatoes I should have added layer by layer. Doesn't matter. It'll be good. Both covered with foil and in a 350° oven.

Then I take a shower and get dressed and get lunch and more produce (just salads.) plus stuff we'll run out of during yom tov like cereal and soy milk. Next step - make the noodles for the soup and the spinach kugel since I have room for it in the oven, and the veggies for the stuffing. About three pm, take out the oven stuff, and put in the stuffing, and the kugel muffins. Remove the veggies from the soup and add water and carrots.
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Quiche is in the oven. Broccoli and swiss on storebought crust. When the quiche is done, I'll put the frozen fish logs in the oven to cook. Should let the loaves thaw a bit first.

Tomorrow - I fill the oven with New World Casserole and Pot roast. Would have done that today, but I forgot to take the meat out of the freezer. I also turn the chicken stock into chicken soup (simmer a gallon or so with turnips,parsnips, dill and carrots. Remove the herbs and big vegetables, leave the carrots. ) The casseroles should take three or so hours. Meanwhile, I saute onions and celery and mushrooms and make dressing for the turkey, and two kugels - potato kugel and spinach kugel. Two hours before yom tov, put turkey (boneless roast with skin, not whole turkey. I would have preferred two bone-in half-breasts but those weren't available.) Put the potato kugel in the fridge with the casseroles. Make noodles for the soup.
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I just bought a tremendous amount of food. And I already had some things and will get other things.

Yom Tov menus:

Givens: Challah, honey, wine, soda

Monday Night (Big Zev, Rina, her mother, possibly Michael, us):
Gefilte fish
Noodle Soup
Honey cake

Tuesday lunch (US!)
broccoli/swiss quiche

Tuesday dinner (Mom, Lenny, Marc, possibly Michael)
Pot Roast with vegetables
Pototo kugel muffins
Honey cake

Wednesday Lunch (Mitch/Jocelyn/Zoe/Wynn, Richard/Judith/Yitzchak/Chaya Raisel, Us)
New fruit
Fish (need another log, methinks)
New World Casserole (potatoes, tomatoes, oninos, chicken)
Honey Cake
Pareve ice cream

The oversized guestlist on Wednesday is because Mitch & co were to come on Tuesday, but there was a children's service on Tuesday. So they're coming on Wednesday. And Mitch says he'll even eat MEAT. If not, he can have eggs or extra fish.

Still to buy: Turkey, extra log of fish, salad greens, cheese, milk, broccoli and pie crust, baking powder (I'm making the honey cake) and apples, plus paper and aluminum foil things.


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