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Ten years ago Saturday night, according to the Hebrew calendar, my father died. I actually have to look up the English date because it's just not important. He was a man of dry, caustic wit, and intense honesty and loyalty. He also had grand plans for his kids that never really happened. I miss him every day.

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Is finally over!

I missed stuff this weekend, of course, but that's okay. Tomorrow, we take down the sukkah and I call about the jury duty (did I mention I have jury duty?) and life begins again.

I love yom tov, but oh, will I be glad to have Sundays again.
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The weather was very cooperative here in New York. The rain didn't start until late Friday night, which meant we could have dinner without problems. (Dinner was turkey stew, btw.) We even had time to visit our neighbors in their sukkah and have some Scotch. We do this every year. It's nice.Read more... )


Oct. 1st, 2009 11:35 am
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Miniconstruction is done. It still needs lights, furniture and decoration, but the structure is up. YAY! (And it was lovely, bright and sunny right up until we finished, and then it got cloudy. Perfect.)
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We could not put up our sukkah today. There was no one home at the landlady's to open the garage (their garage, but they let us store our sukkah there.) So we purchased our lulav and etrogim instead. We now have three of the four species - we'll buy the willow branches on Friday because they go bad so fast.

And, I now have a functional intercom/doorbell. I haven't had one of those since before Passover! I can get deliveries! People don't have to phone us to tell us they're at the door! YAY! This is as of ten minutes ago. Funny tone to the bell, but that's about it.


Sep. 29th, 2009 06:29 pm
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All sorts of miniconstruction going on outside - three days to build a succah and no Sundays to do it in. We plan on putting ours up tomorrow.

Starting to plan meals - I do know that we're going to friends for lunch on Shabbat, on their brand-new and therefore not falling-down deck.

Had a productive (I guess) session with the psychologist, but I'm not sure we can afford her. :(

And making chili for dinner.

Yom Kippur

Sep. 28th, 2009 10:10 pm
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Not my best fast, but far from my worst - my worst was when I had to break it in the afternoon. I did get a bit lightheaded by 2PM - I'd stood for both repetitions, except I sat for the Avodah (the description of the Holy Temple Service by the High Priest). But I had a two hour nap at home and that helped.

The Rav machzor was very heavy, but I enjoyed using it. I did decide to read the confessions in English, and I really felt them, so that was good. I also had a tearful chat with my late father during the Yizkor prayer (I always talk to my dad during yizkor. This is when I feel closest to him. No, he doesn't answer. At least, not out loud or in any way I could hear.)

All in all, a good Yom Kippur. May you all have blessed next twelve months with all and only good things.
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I very much enjoyed having no guests on Shabbos. It meant I had normal Shabbos sized meals, and made it feel like Shabbos, not Yom Tov. One of the problems with weekend Yom Tov is that not only do you lose Sunday, you also feel like you lose the Sabbath, subsumed under all the holiday stuff.
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Right now, I'm caramelizing onions and I just finished baking gefilte fish loaves.

The onions will be part of a cheddar cheese quiche - I love that combination. I'm going to add a grating of nutmeg, too because all three things - cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and the custard of quiche - love nutmeg. I juliened them and put them over low heat with some oil and I've tosed and stirred them once in a while. They're getting brown, soft and sweet. I've already blind-baked the (storebought) crust.

The fish is something I've been doing for years - take a frozen gefilte fish loaf. Microwave it briefly so that the paper comes off (no microwave? Pour hot water over it.) Put in a loaf pan and pour tomato sauce on top. Bake. How long? Until done.

I really don't know. An hour? 90 minutes? Until the fish is firm to the touch and the sauce on top looks dry. You should be able to cook by time, but I cook by "ready" when I can. I do know that they felt and smelled "right" when I took them out, and that's all I need to know.

I'm going to turn the onions off soon, and let them cool. Actually, that shouldn't take long, so I'll make the egg and cream mixture and grate the cheese. Then I'll mix the cheese with the onions and put that in the pie crust and pour the quiche over it. I'll bake it until it's brown and starting to set.


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