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Wednesday night (no guests):
Pot roast

Thursday Lunch (two guests, in sukkah)
Green beans

Thursday Dinner: at friends

Friday lunch:
Salami and eggs
French fries
(Or leftovers, if enough)

Friday dinner: (no guests)
Herbed chicken
Roasted potatoes

Shabbos lunch (three guests)
Egg salad
Green salad
Herbed chicken
Veggie cholent

Wine and challah for all
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1. Lamb stew (actually lamb shanks) is cooked and cooling.
2. Sarah's Pasta (salmon pasta salad) is in progress (for potluck on Shabbat)
3. Quiche (brocolli/swiss) is in oven.

Recipes (hah!) on request.

To do - roast chicken and potatoes for tonight.

Sukkah is up, furnished and decorated.

Yom Kippur

Sep. 23rd, 2007 10:01 am
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These was either the worst or the best Yom Kippur I've ever had. Physically, it was definitely the worst.

Long and rambling )
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One of the things that governs holidays is that you're not allowed to do something on a holiday to directly prepare for the next day, and the next day begins only when it's fully night. So food for the second night should be things that reheat well or cook very quickly. And if it's a Thursday-Friday holiday, you have to worry about Shabbat as well - where you *must* prepare the day before. We take care of that with an "eruv tavshilin" - we set aside two different kinds of food on Wednesay afternoon with a blessing. These foods are designated for use on Shabbat, so you have already begun your preparations. This way you can do things like cook and light your Shabbos candles.

Lighting is also a special challenge - flame can only be transfered, not created or extinquished. I keep a candle, called a "nine days" candle, lit for the whole time. I use it to light my stove burners and my candles. I keep my oven on "warm" so there's always a pilot light. I follow an opinion that allows me to not only raise and lower flames but to turn them off - it's permitted to remove fuel from a fire, and that's all I'm doing when I shut off the gas to my burners. Sometime on the first night. someone tossed a dish towel over that candle, which is in a plastic container and burns very cool. The dish towel extinquished it. Fortunately, I had the oven so I could relight it.

First night )

Day One )

Second Seder )

Second Day )

Shabbat )

Now I need to figure out dinner tonight and tomorrow and then for the remaining days of the holiday. I hope all who are having holidays now are enjoying them.


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