The Shrine

Aug. 24th, 2008 04:46 pm
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To quote [ profile] jonbaker:

"This episode is a gift to you guys."

Oh, it was. It so very much was. :)
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I have a bad cold. It hit Friday night, and I spent most of Shabbat (except for the mile walk to and from my afternoon group because I was teaching and there was no way of letting anyone know I couldn't be there) and Sunday in bed. And we were going to buy new beds on Sunday, too, since ours are as old as our marriage - and our 17th anniversary is coming up. Yeah, time and past time.

I'm at work now.

I don't feel terribly ill - it's just that my nose is a faucet. Charming, I know.

But having a DVR? Is love.

I could and did spend much of Saturday night watching shows I'd recorded during Shabbat. Because why not? And even if I haven't seen my sewing machine since I moved, or used it in fifteen years, the sewing shows have their fascinations. And I could watch Sandra Lee with Jonathan, who finds her hilarious. And then there was Friday Night Lights ).

And then there was SGA - Be All My Sins Remembered )
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Yes, recommending this story highly. Spoilers under the cut.

I spent last night reading [ profile] cesperanza's latest, Written by the Victors (Stargate:Atlantis, Sheppard/McKay, slash, ADULT) - stayed up to 2AM reading and past that *thinking*. And, okay, I'm on vacation, but I needed to be up before 8 this morning.

Totally worth it )


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