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Sep. 24th, 2009 07:45 pm
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Did laundry today. Also finished the story and sent it to the recipient. No word if she liked it or not. And then I went out, bought a lovely trout which I had fileted, and had a cup of coffee.

And a discussion about Zionism in the Dunkin Donuts, which became more Jewish geography. Everyone knows my former rabbi or his family. I'm amused.

Dinner will be the trout and green beans. Late as Jonathan comes home, I think we can dispense with the carbs.
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Poor Jonathan is getting increasingly frustrated. I don't blame him. I'm frustrated, too. And it's kinda hard to convince someone she's not useless when the person she pays to clean her house for her is doing the kitchen. Ah, well.

So. When my cleaning person left, I left, too, for my first appointment with Dr. F. I like her well enough, and I think we had a good discussion, but oh, did I ramble and ramble and ramble. However, she got the fanfiction thing, which was cool. And she even got how much I like living by a rule book AND how much world building means to me, so that works.

Then I stopped by Barnes and Noble and had a coffee and read most of the latest Fables TP, and got stuff for dinner. Tomorrow - shopping and laundry.

And my story is coming along as well. Life is far from perfect, but maybe it's improving.
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Didn't do much until late afternoon, but *did* call the second therapist.Read more... )


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