My pants?

Apr. 22nd, 2008 10:14 am
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Are bankrupt.

Anything interesting happen since Friday?

The first few days of my Passover have gone well. We had a wonderful seder the first night - I really love our fannish s'dorim. We joke and are silly and it's a lot of fun. The second night, I had a cold, but fortunately, we only had three guests (our others never showed), and those were a friend and my folks. My stepfather read the four questions, and did a good job. We were proud. My mother glowed.

The cold was better by yesterday and, on the burn front, my burned front is doing very well indeed. Silvadene. It's miraculous.
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Fish was cooked last night.

Stew is in oven (browned stew meat, chopped onions and potatoes, baby carrots, spices, large can of diced tomatoes, balsamic vinegar - all in a covered roasting pan.)

2 dozen eggs now hard-cooked and cooling in freezer. Betzah in oven.

Chicken soup is on the stove. I nearly forgot the most important parts - the onions, parsnips and turnips. Those last give it just the right flavor. I'm using chicken bones, chicken wings and turkey wings. And, no. None of these are leftovers I saved from the year. Those would be chometz. These were bought for the purpose.

To be done: matzo balls, farfel kugel, meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Also, charorset, ground moror and salt water.

Update: Matzo balls ar cooking. Charoset, maror and salt water (okay, salt water *essence* so we can dilute it for the meals) are in the fridge (because unchilled salt water will go bad. Or something) are in the fridge. (And my little chopper, which basically makes charoset, is put away. Although I've realized I'll have to take it out again for the meatloaf.)

And my wonderful husband? Bought me a new knife. Because my Pesach fleshig knife was laser sharpened foil. I now have a new santoko - not top of the line, but not foil, either. Just glided through that horseradish.


Soup is finished. Stew is finished. Onions for kugel and mashed potatoes are cooking. Will separate out some onions and add mushrooms. That gets added to a mixture of matza farfel, pepper, salt and eggs, plus chicken broth. I have lots of chicken broth now.

Then I make the meatloaf and microwave and mash the potatoes (using a bit more chicken broth.) Vegs are a frozen mix.

Pesach VII

Apr. 17th, 2008 09:53 pm
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Gefilte fish is cooking. Ten pieces of challah roll are hidden all around the house, on torn pieces of napkin. When Jonathan finishes the dinner dishes, he'll play find the chometz.

Also, I have more guests for the second seder. I'll need another chicken and another box of matzo ball mix. But that's fine. And my empty fridge is now full. :)
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I scalded my stomach yesterday. It's not as pink this morning. I have a couple of small blisters and a raw area where a large blister burst by itself and peeled. I currently have a nonstick gauze pad held on very precariously - I have had a bad experience with adhesives in the past, and the skin is not good here.

I'm seeing a doctor this afternoon. Before I go home and cover everything. Which is actually all I have left to do in regards the kitchen. Time to start planning meals.
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This is for my own use, but, hey, people are interested in the strangest things.

First Steps )


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