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The office fax machine hadn't been working since sometime last week. It could send but it couldn't receive - and it had been grabbing the paper poorly.

So, the other receptionist called the repair people and they were supposed to come in on Friday or on Monday (they hadn't.) And I called the phone service provider to test our lines.

Today, the fax machine guy came in. And. Um.

Someone (not me - I was home) had set the machine to manual instead of direct receive. One button.

Ah, well. It needed servicing anyway.


Dec. 12th, 2005 12:41 pm
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My office has a meeting every Monday - what's available, what problems have cropped up with the agents, what's fallen through, things like that.

I normally turn off the phones (send everyone straight to voice mail) and read the web or do whatever work I have while this goes on.

This time, because one of our brokers is on a vacation, the other one asked me to take minutes.

Honestly, we should have started doing this a long time ago. I'm good at minutes, anyway, and it not only serves as a record but it gives me something to do. And not everyone can make it, and now everyone knows what's going on.

Before the meeting started, as they gathered in a circle, someone brought up a recent movie featuring cute aquatic birds in tuxedos.

Therefore, and at the insistence of my broker, the first line of the minutes is "Discussion about penguins."
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It's a fairly rare occasion that I have to change the toner in our current copier - it comes in a huge plastic box and lasts forever. But it happened today.

And the instructions, which were confusing, seemed to imply that I should remove the toner receptacle. So I did. And I handled it wrong. And there was fine, fine black powder on the side of the copier and on my hands and the sleeve of my overshirt (natural linen color over a white sleeveless t-shirt, so it's staying on.) and big splash on the floor. So. I replace the recptacle and the toner, and then I get a vacuum cleaner and get as much up as I can, and then go after the rest with Windex and many paper towels. It looks pretty darn good - can't tell there's been a spill on the floor and 99% of the stuff on the copier is gone. And I can wash my hands, so that's fine.

My clothing? Well. I have my sleeves rolled up to just below my elbows, but I have dark fingerprints on my t-shirt and smudges on the overshirt.

Glad I'm wearing a dark skirt, and very glad that I know from experience that toner comes out.


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