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I went to the doctor's today for bloodwork. I was supposed to go yesterday, but yesterday was Purim, so I moved it back to Friday. And you might remember the little blizzard we had on Friday. I made it to work, but doctor? Not so much. And remember, my bloodwork needs to be done fasting.

So, I went this morning. This is to check if the Byetta is working. They took two blood samples, gave me a bone density test (used my non-dominant hand, which is my left hand, and made me remove the wedding ring. Of course, as a cook, a knitter and a writer, I use both hands) and an EKG.

To take the EKG, I had to remove my blouse and my tights. So I'm in a skirt, underwear and a kerchief and beret, I'm alone, and there's a scale right there. So, you know. I got on. I weigh 186 pounds. I haven't weighed under 190 in more years than I can remember. It's the Byetta. I'm eating like a bird. Jonathan thinks I'm not eating at all, which is untrue. I'm eating all of breakfast, at least half of lunch and some portion of dinner. And, not nauseated anymore.

Results in a week.

Cooking blog entry : March 1, 2010
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May those who celebrate today have a joyous day.
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My face is much better. The dermatologist gave me a prescription for Desonide Cream (technically for just my eyelids, but my eyes were so bad I think they distracted him from everything else) and told me to use it and NOTHING ELSE until it cleared up - just cool water. It turned out to be a reaction to the alpha hydroxy independent of the roscacea.

I no longer itch. I no longer feel the need to poke at my face. I no longer feel like it's on fire. In fact, it feels normal. I am using the cream on other areas that were affected, but those areas are smaller and smaller. And I was beginning to have trouble with my eyesight, and that's gone.

It doesn't look normal - my eyes are still a little swollen, and there are deep wrinkles that didn't exist before - but it looks so much better, and with my glasses on, it's not even very noticeable. I'm still using the cream, of course, and just washing with cool water.

So, he never gave me a chance to ask. Any recommendations for sunscreen that's sensitive skin friendly? I'm figuring I should start using that once it all clears up.

(Now if only my knee would stop leaking lymph.)

Good news

Jun. 5th, 2007 10:36 am
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Three weeks ago, I scared my friendslist by saying that my colonoscopy found a fair number of polyps,one of which was huge and they they were biopsying it.

I wasn't all that worried myself because Dr. K didn't seem worried and I've had biopsies before (I grow moles).

Anyway I got the results yesterday and, yep. BENIGN.

However, what I didn't know was that he was a little worried. They were hyperplastic polyps, which are usually benign *but* they were on the right side of the colon. Apparently, polyps found on the *left* side are almost always benign, but ones found on the right have a greater chance of malignancy, and the big guy? Was big. No, I don't know why the difference, and a fast google searce doesn't help.

Yeah, I was glad to be told this *after* finding out it was benign, but he was very relieved, which is now scary in retrospect. (If it had been bad btw, I'd have asked if it would be safe to hold off treatment until August - until after my mother's wedding. Who doesn't know about the biopsy, either.)

So, he wants to remove the big one sometime next winter, and he wants to do it in a hospital, not the clinic. It's just for the size of the thing.

Any way, it's all good news. Yay!
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Which is to make my doctor love me.

I've lost two more pounds, he's pleased with my blood glucose readings and he's hoping to see a vast improvement in my a1C. Which we will find out next week.

My blood pressure is a tad high, but I'm wondering if that's the heat.


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