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I decided that I wanted an example (and a dry run) for my knitting class.

So I made a baby hat, for the baby staying here.

Pattern is as follows - measure or guess the circumference of the head, and add a half-inch. Or not. Cast on enough stitches to go round the head. I guessed 12", and cast on 60. Knit an odd number of rows in garter stitch. Then knit an inch in stockinette, ending on a knit row, turn, knit the next two rows. This creates a purl ridge. Repeat until you read 1/3 or so of the circumference, ending on a purl row. Bind off. Sew the side and top of the hat together to make a sort of envelope. If desired, and I DID desire, make a pair of tassels to tie at the corners.

Took me about three hours and it fit her.
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I volunteered to teach a knitting class at the retreat (not a religious retreat, although the crowd is Orthodox *and* there will be classes and such on Shabbat) we're going to this weekend.

So. I have quite a lot of Bernat acrylic worsted weight - smooth and light-colored enough to show stitches - and US9 bamboo needles. If all goes well, they will end up knowing how to cast-on, knit, purl and bind-off. And this will leave them with a rectangular hat. They will knit five rows of garter and the rest stockinette. The ambitious ones might knit every fifth row instead of purling it, so they make ridges. They will bind-off, and I'll sew them together. And maybe we'll make tassels.

And with that, they'll be able to knit anything they want. :)
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I love stranded knitting.

That is all.

Actually, no.

I have another idea. I have the *best* friendslist ever. You've taken what could have been controversial topics and turned them into interesting, interactive and, above all, CIVIL discussions. I am absolutely kvelling.

So. A poll. (And I know I have one question repeated. Just ignore it. Please.)

Open threads: I basically make a post, and you start a discussion. Yes - I would be relying on you to entertain me.

[Poll #1309613]
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Conditions last night were very different than last week - I had no errands beyond the comic book shop, dinner was leftover soup and, when I went to the coffeehouse, I just wanted to, well, have a cup of coffee and knit.

And there was a young woman sitting there with knitting in hand, visible through the window. So, I went in.

I stayed for two hours, all told, and got to pretty much the last repeat of the second of my pair of socks (finished now. [ profile] ataniell93, email me your snail address, please.) We talked - she *just* moved to NY from San Diego last week, she'd been a crocheter for years, but was taking up knitting now, she's a teacher and just needs to get her paperwork done to teach in NYC. She thinks Park Slope is beautiful. And she was determined to finish her knit long-ways cashmere scarf before she left that night. She was going to wear it home.

Her technique was awkward - at her request, I tried to show her how to purl properly - fortunately, she knits continental (yarn around the left hand), which makes sense for a crocheter, so I could show her. However, purling, apparently, harder continental style. I was thinking of showing her how to do it combined instead, but decided against it. She did get to the bind-off row while I was there, and so I could give her the bare hint she needed to remember how to bind-off (knit two, pull the first stitch over the second, knit one, pull the first stitch over and repeat to end.) And I could lend/give her a tapestry needle to do the final weaving-in. She couldn't find hers and, as she was using worsted weight and I have a superfluity of large tapestry needles anyway, it was an easy solution. What with my current sock obsession, I'm not knitting that thick anyway.

I'd have liked more people, maybe, but it was very nice.

(Did a post on the Knitblog today, too.)
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When my right thumb began to hurt, I figured it was the knitting and decided to just rest it.

At that point, it was more or less normally flexible - just doing the click and pop thing.

I stopped using it - I left off knitting for weeks, and used the thumb as little as possible. And then I didn't have a choice. I could type but I couldn't bend it at all, and even trying was painful. My orthopedist prescribed more rest, not using my carpal tunnel brace because it hit right at the base of the thumb and mega doses of Ibuprofen.

It didn't help.

He gave me a shot of cortisone. It didn't help.

Finally, I started doing a little knitting again - just a half hour or so every other day, just to get my husband's socks finished, and then to start another pair and to start my mother-in-law's lace scarf. And gradually, I started knitting more.

A few weeks ago, I noticed my thumb was hurting more, and I realized it was because I was bending it more. It hurt, but it was bending. And the only change was that I'd upped the knitting.

I knitted a sock last week - fastest I've ever knitted a sock (for the record - toe-up with a heel-flap gusset heel. Best heel I've ever made.) Today my right thumb is bending more than it has in months. It hurts, but it bends. It's just so counter-intuitive - not knitting made it worse!
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The American Mathematical Society did a special session about Fiber Arts.

Because it really is all about the math.

crossposted to [ profile] knitting_chat
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Three finished projects plus works in progress on my knitblog.
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Just wrote a longish thing about knitting on the knitblog.
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Finished hat and mitten photographs on my Knitting Blog..
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We went to a birthday party last night. The honoree is one of the most hospitable people in our synagogue, routinely feeding many people around her Shabbat table, so Z, who is a single man and therefore a regular guest, decided she deserved a party, so he arranged it all.

He used a little dairy Italian place called "Cafe Hadar", with the fixed party menu served family style - two appetizers (hummous/techina plates and stuffed grape leaves), two salads (Ceasar and a mixed vegetable salad with house dressing on the side) and several pastas (slightly overdone for my taste, but the alfredo was amazing), and cake and coffee. It was nice. We ended up at a table with the birthday "girl"'s parents and inlaws and her youngest daughter.

I don't know where her middle daughter was. Her oldest? Had her first child two days ago. Which says that my friend already got the best possible birthday present. The title quote was her reaction to a photograph in a silver frame that someone gave her. The baby won't be named until Saturday, so she's "Shmecky."

In other news, I gave up on my Hedera socks entirely. I could not get the yarn untangled and I'm tired of these socks. I'm starting my pair of Koigu socks tonight. Plain, plain, PLAIN stockinette. Also, I started a pair of adult mittens because I needed to knit something on the bus.
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Is it wrong of me to be bothered by the whole Prayer Shawl thing?

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I gave my mother a set of crochet hook in a case for her birthday. However, she's not crocheting (she says - before she showed me evidence she actually was) because her hand hurts. Given that this was her left (dominant) hand and it's the wrist she broke a few years ago, not really a shock.

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I'm almost finished with my first modified Hedera sock (I'm knitting them toe-up, so I reversed the lace and I made another couple of mods along the way.)

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After many false starts and an object lesson in getting the correct gauge, I I finally finished [ profile] jonbaker's watch cap. Pictures here on the knitblog.

Busy, busy

Jul. 4th, 2006 08:34 am
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So far, as long weekends go, this has Very social. Too social.

Shabbat )

Sunday )

Monday )

And now I'm exhausted and feeling rather socialized out.


Jun. 28th, 2006 03:38 pm
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I'll continue blogging about the knitting and the cooking here, because I know there are masochists fans of those things among you, but for real detail about wips and such, well, I started a blog to join with [ profile] thebratqueen's blue and gold knitalong, so I might as well use it, right?

So, if anyone is interested, it's here.

And I'll start using our camera, too.
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It's no one's fault, really. My mom did show me the right way, but I forgot (and it's hard for my mother to teach me. She's left-handed, although I believe she knits right-handed. Still.) It was decades ago, after all.

And while I've knitted in public since, it wasn't in situations where anyone would watch me knit - filk rooms and panel rooms at cons, or on the bus. I couldn't even tell you who among the fannish knitters knit continental or, um, the other way that my hands simply won't do. So, I really had no idea.

For that matter, I wasn't in a position where I could see I was doing it wrong and correct it myself.

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Okay. I finished mitten #2 (and I think I dropped half the stitches along the way, but managed to catch them before any damage was done.)

Now what? :)


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