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I had blood work done last week and got the results today -
A1C is 6.3 - still in diabetic range, but holding steady. Weight is a bit up, blood pressure is gorgeous (120/70!) and the cholesterol is what he wanted to see. I have a happy doctor.

My knee is unbandaged for the first time. So that's improved, too.
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Of the minor - my knee is improving daily and my face is almost back to normal. I have consult with my doctor tomorrow.

Of the in-laws - I went over to see them today. It's...not wonderful. They're both in pain and covered in bruises. My mother-in-law thinks she shoudl be recovering faster than she is - she has had no motivation to even leave her apartment. I have to believe she's washed them, but she's wearing the same top and skirt she was on Sunday - and that skirt was the one she wore during the accident, and has a three inch cut in the hem - no more because the nurse realized it buttoned up the front. I know she has a lot of clothes in the country, but she also has some down here.

Basically, she's in pain and dizzy from her slight concussion and her legs are swollen and hurt, and she doesn't realize it takes time to recover from this sort of thing, so she's depressed.

As for my father-in-law - he's...not quite there. He's beginning to realize his driving days are over, and he doesn't want to deal with that. And he's in pain, too - he bruised a rib. He also seems to just be sleeping all the time. He's been forgetful his entire life, but now it seems worse - or it seems worse to my mother-in-law, who is terrified that he'll end up losing his faculties. He's barely recovered from his congestive heart failure earlier this year, and now this. He did go to the doctor today - and by *bus* of all things, so at least he's not stuck in the house.

Latest plan about the country house - there's a local cab service in a very nearby town. They can use that to shop and go to shul , and not be trapped there. I hope this works out - they do love that house so much. However, other than when we bring them up the first week in September, that's it for the season there.

I kept Mom company while my father-in-law was at the doctor's and I did some shopping for them - mostly produce.

I'm very worried about both of them. This is just too many shocks at once.

(And she feels bad that she can't give me their car after all. this point? Who cares about a car?)
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I was actually going to make the appointment for tomorrow, just to get my stitches out. However.

However. )
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I have more or less full mobility now. In fact, I've left my cane at home for the first time. I can even walk up and down stairs normally. I can see new skin growing and the flap of skin that had been tacked down is pink and healthy. There never were any signs of infection, thank goodness and Triple Antibiotic Ointment. It's still open enough to need to be covered, though, and that's the real problem.

Almost immediately, I started being irritated by the adhesive for the big band-aids. I switched to a band-aid with a milder adhesive, but it was still red, irritated and very itchy. In fact, it hurts more than the actual injury now. I have secondary injuries just from the scratching. Even when I switched (again) to gauze pads and tape - the cloth tape was only better because it covered a smaller area. And it's a stronger adhesive, so I got - get this - *blisters*. The area around the injury looks almost as bad as the injury.

I'd go without but it does need to be covered, and research told me that the thing about giving wounds air and letting them dry out? Not a smart thing. Wounds heal better if kept wet. Doesn't mean I don't just to let the skin around it breathe, but I cover it up again, and use ointment to moisten it again. Right now, I'm using paper tape with the gauze pad, and it's holding and doesn't feel itchy, so this might work.

To add to all this, my wrist-corsage on Sunday poked me with a rather sharp stem, and I have a collection of little cuts on the back of my hand, and they seem to be healing slowly and, yes, itchily.

But I can sit and use stairs like a normal person, so on balance - YAY.
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This not being able to bend my knee? Has gotten real old.

It wasn't much of a problem yesterday - I just propped the leg up on a wastepaper basket when I needed to, and spent most of the day stretched out on the bed, and I didn't bother getting dressed since I wasn't going anywhere. And, with the help of Motrin, I could sleep just fine last night.

But today? Getting into and out of the shower was a bit of a challenge, but I managed. Getting into and out of the car that took me to work was also a bit of a challenge, but I managed that, too. My leg can bear weight, after all. It just can't *bend*. So I can swing it around carefully. I have to take stairs one at a time, and the cane helps, but I can do them, if slowly.

The real problems? Getting dressed. To be precise, putting on footwear. I had to ask Jonathan to put on my left knee-high and shoe. I'm just grateful I'm not wearing tights this time of year. And he'll have to take them off tonight, too.

Also, it's really tiring sitting here with my foot braced against the back of my desk. Time to shift to a different position.


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