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Yesterday morning, the phone rang. My doctor wanted to see me because of my A1c results. I was not terribly surprised.

Cue [ profile] jonbaker to go into panic mode. He, like me, has memories of a mother being put in the hospital to adjust her to insulin (do they even do this anymore?) He wanted me to make the appointment for yesterday, but I decided that today would be better. I'd've picked Friday, but I have to go to the dentist tomorrow.

So I missed the cooking part of fish day. :)

In short - my A1c was 7.5, which is in the diabetic range, and higher than the 6.9 than it was 18 months ago, but not insanely high at all. My bp is good and I didn't gain weight. I'm not doing badly, but I could do *better*. (Oh, and my bone density is good.) So, I'm to double my dosage of metformin (instead of 500 mg twice a day, I'm to have 1000 mg. I'm fine with this - my stomach handles this med fine, and also I think I doubled it accidentally yesterday and my blood glucose level was really good.) I'm also to tighten up with the food *and* eat more meat.

Oh, darn. Darn, darn, darn.
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I had blood work done last week and got the results today -
A1C is 6.3 - still in diabetic range, but holding steady. Weight is a bit up, blood pressure is gorgeous (120/70!) and the cholesterol is what he wanted to see. I have a happy doctor.

My knee is unbandaged for the first time. So that's improved, too.
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I was actually going to make the appointment for tomorrow, just to get my stitches out. However.

However. )
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I just had a consultation with my doctor for my A1C and other bloodwork.

And. They really couldn't have been better.

My A1C, which measures my blood glucose level over three months, was 5.9. Which means I'm not even in the standard range for diabetes. My last reading was 6.7; my first, the one that got me on meds and diet was 9.

My doctor says that if I get down to 165 - if I lose another 13 lbs - he'll probably take me off some, if not all, meds. That includes the blood pressure med - and my current blood pressure is 120/80 (it was higher last week, but last week I'd just started a period, and I was retaining water) and the cholesterol med. Because one is supposed to have a ration of good/bad cholesterol under 4.4. And mine? Was three.

We do eat a lot of fish, and I'm drinking a lot of soy milk.

I'm not changing a thing of what I'm doing.
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Which is to make my doctor love me.

I've lost two more pounds, he's pleased with my blood glucose readings and he's hoping to see a vast improvement in my a1C. Which we will find out next week.

My blood pressure is a tad high, but I'm wondering if that's the heat.


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