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I took a nap today. I might have to adjust bedtime to before midnight. The horrors.

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Yes, fine. Wonton. Wonton. Wonton. :)

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For those who miss Knives and Fire.

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Made chicken stock (5lbs of chicken carcass, 1/2 llb chopped onion, 1/4lb chopped carrot, 1/4lb chopped celery, bouquet garni of parsely stems, peppercorns and bay leaves).

Went shopping for dinner.

Took one (broken) dvr box and one standard cable box to cable company (by car service.) Returned with two unbroken dvr cable boxes (got ride from someone else on line.) Installed new dvr box in bedroom and programmed in programs to record.

Made bean soup (saute onions, carrots and celery with garlic, oregano and thyme until soft. Add vegetable broth (on hand), two cans of white beans and a large can of whole tomatoes (squished). Salt and pepper. Let simmer.

Strained stock into containers for the freezer. Final count? 7.5 quarts of stock. Neart two gallons. SWEET.

Used handblender on still-vegetarian bean soup. Left it a bit chunky. Added about a cup of chicken stock plus spinach leftover from last night.

Currently eating remaining cup of stock (after salting and reheating.) YUM.
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Retail therapy: I now own an electronic food scale (Salton, very pretty, exactly the degree of precision I want, metric/English conversion, automatic tare function and less than half what a similar scale cost in a housewares store) to join with the chinois, the skimmer and the whisk. Plus I have flour and yeast and a container, and I've located my KitchenAid. I will be making sourdough, and with it, bread. The scale is key for this.

Cooking therapy: I made a vegetable stock. This also used the scale, as the mirepoix was determined by weight - two parts celery, one part each carrots and onions. I'll be using the stock tonight - some for the mashed potatoes and some for the sauce I'll use for the chicken breast fillets - fillets I cut off the chicken myself and froze. I feel very proud now.

Except I read the instructions wrong and I used too much celery.

Ah, it still tastes fine, and I'll do better next time.
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I made two similar casseroles in two successive weeks - one being "semi-homemade" and one being *mine*.

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I have shopped. I have a fridge that is stuffed full. I also have a rather full oven.

So far - five steamed eggs (in fridge)

One pot roast (in oven, made with wine, not tomatoes this time.)
One meat loaf, also in oven.

All I need to do is cook a pot of noodles and some spinach and I have tonight's dinner.

All of a sudden, it looks very, very doable.

Now: off to pick up my prescription and maybe get a cup of coffee.

(yes, recipes on request, but be warned - never made this pot roast before.)
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The turkey is in the oven. I prepare my turkeys very simply - I flavor them with whatever strikes my fancy (in this case, black pepper and garlic powder) and oil them. I do not brine them because they're kosher and therefore they come brined already. The oven was 400°F when I put the turkey in (breast down, on a "rack" of celery). I turned it down to 325°F.

I also put up a pot of water for the noodles for the soup and since I wasn't happy about the carrots, they're now cooking on top of the stove. I'l put them back in the oven along with the stuffing while the turkey rests.

At that point, I shall be done, and all that will remain will be setting the table, taking a shower, getting the house ready for yom tov and getting dressed.
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Stew is out of the oven and cooling.

In the oven: baked carrots and stuffing.

Baked carrots: three pounds of "baby" carrots, drizzled with honey, plus ground ginger and cinnamon.

Stuffing: celery, onions and mushrooms, sautéd in the chicken fat from the soup, plus a ladle of the soup itself (and salt,rosemary, garlic powder, black pepper and bay leaves.) This mixed with more chicken fat and soup, plain rye croutons and two eggs.) Placed in a baking pan and covered with foil.
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Expect cooking spam all day.

The turkey is thawed and sitting on the counter.

I have constructed a beef stew - I browned three pounds of stew meat on top of the stove. Meanwile, I chopped and (if necessary) peeled two onions, half a stalk of celery, a pound of carrots and three sweet potatoes and put them in a roasting pan. As each batch of meat browned (I did it in three batches), I added them to the roasting pan. As the last batch finished up, I added dried rosemary, freshly ground pepper, bay leaves and a large can of diced tomatoes. After I added the last of the stew meat, I poured some water into the browning pan, added a splash of cider vinegar, deglazed the pot and poured that in the roasting pan. I stirred everything up, covered the pan with aluminum foil and put it in a 400°F oven, where it will cook for the next four or so hours, to be replaced by the turkey and the stuffing.
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The holidays totally snuck up on me - they're very early this year plus this was a fairly eventful summer.

So. Rosh HaShanah (as well as Sukkot and Shemini Atzert/Simchat Torah) all abut Shabbat this year, making them three-day holidays. That means planning for six meals.

Guest Lists/Menus )

Right now - I bought everything pretty much everything but the fresh fruit, the kugels and the desserts. I have the soup and the fish cooking. The turkey is defrosting. I'm doing pretty much all the real cooking on Wednesday - the stuffing, the beef stew, the turkey, the noodles for the soup and the carrots.
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Tonight's main course? Taco casserole.

1 can chili beans (low sodium)
1 17 oz jar extra hot extra chunky salsa
1 package extra fine shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese
1 package taco shells, broken into pieces as you use them

Layer of broken taco shells on bottom of 9x12 casserole
half the beans
Half the salsa
1/3 the cheese
Top with remaining taco shell fragments and cheese

Bake in 375 oven until cheese is melted and brown. Serve with chopped onion, tomato and sour cream.

Some food writer, huh?
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I made this last night because my vegetarian brother-in-law and his family joined us to celebrate [ profile] jonbaker's birthday. Jonathan loves my lasagna, and it's a great sukkah meal. To my surprise, my sister-in-law, who doesn't seem to eat at all, had seconds.

Because of kashrut, I have a choice between a lasagna with meat but no cheese and one with cheese but no meat. I like meat just fine, but it's not lasagna without cheese.

Anyway, my sister-in-law requested the recipe, so here it is:

Vegetarian lasagna )
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Why am I giving recipes on a fast day? Not that I'm fasting, but still...

Spinach Kugel )
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I'm currently rereading Amanda Hesser's Cooking for Mr. Latte, in which she uses her food columns for the New York Times Magazine to record her courtship and marriage to a man who (quelle horreur) ordered a latte after their first dinner together. Still not sure why that's bad.

Anyway, she devotes two of the chapters/columns to the theme of "Repertoire" - having a collection of recipes/dishes that we have made over and over again, perfecting them and relying upon them when we need to make dinner every night, or cook in unfamiliar locations. She didn't have one because, as a food writer/restaurant critic/whatever, she felt compelled to constantly innovate, constantly make new dishes, not to repeat old ones. And now she felt the need.

And she's right. Because with a few basic recipes/dishes, and the confidence knowing them thoroughly brings, someone who needs to cook or likes to cook will have life that much easier.

This is one of the workhorses I use. )


Nov. 25th, 2005 11:48 am
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I'm sending my husband, who is, after all, *home*, shopping for me. With a list that includes where some items can be found.

Tonight's dinner -

  • Bone-in turkey breast with garlic and spices

  • Sweet potato kugel with chopped pecans

  • stuffing (stale whole wheat challah, onions, celery, mushrooms and low sodium chicken broth) made in crockpot

  • Peas

Lunch tomorrow - leftovers plus store bought tomato salad.
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We went to my in-laws for Thanksgiving. And we were talking as I cut up lemons for the mulled cider, and then onions and garlic to make the green beans in tomato sauce.

It's such an easy holiday. I mean, there's no time restrictions, no food restrictions other than tradition, and you get to eat inside your house, plus you don't have to spend a couple of hours reading from a booklet before you even eat anything. You get to eat your food hot right after you cook it, not kept warm or warmed up - unless it's better rewarmed. And best of all - you don't have to do it all over again the next night. Plus big lunches.

Okay, maybe it's because the Jewish holidays were only last month so the memory is fresh in my mind. :)

My mother-in-law made turkey, Splenda cranberry sauce and stuffing, plus two sugar free desserts - pumpkin pie and apple cobbler. My father-in-law made the salad, I brought rice pilaf and made the green beans strictly according to recipe. If I'd made it at home, I'd've added cumin. We also have a nice cabernet sauvignon - my mother-in-law has finally been convinced that turkey goes better with red wine.

We've only been trying to tell her that for years, but she has to hear it from someone else. What can you do?

It was my inlaws, my brother (yes *my* brother, because my mom is with her boyfriend's family), my brother-in-law, his girlfriend (whom he met via JDate *last* Thanksgiving - a year is a good sign, right?) and her three-year-old daughter. Who loves turkey. It was nice, but after seven hours (we got there at one, ate at three and then watched home movies for awhile) I really wanted to leave.

The food was wonderful. Except the green beans.


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