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DC has had two very different "events" running pretty much concurrently (not counting the whole Countdown, which is one giant crossover event - although perhaps I should.)

Amazons Attack vs. Sinestro Corp - possible spoilers )

Cover for  )
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I'm always hearing how women *hate* going into comic book shops - they feel like they're entering a " No gurlz aloud" fanboy clubhouse, where the clerks don't look or talk to them, or if they do, it's condescending, or with the attitude that they don't know what they want, or they only want manga or something like that.

I believe them. I've seen what fanboys can be like, and it wasn't easy for me, either, when I walked into my first comic book shop with intent to buy.

And none of that happened to me. I think there are a number of reasons for that.Read more... )
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No spoilers (maybe spoilers in comments):

I read Booster Gold #1. I think the tears started around the second or third page, and were rolling down my face by the last one.

Oh, Michael....

Yeah, this is a good one.
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Justice Society of America #8 )

Other Issues )

And now for the real reason for this post - note the icon. Isn't it beautiful?
Supergirl #20 )
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If he only had a brain.

This came up in the latest post from WFA.

Those awful, evil, manhating feminists have been claiming that women are injured more often than men comic books. (Actually, one commenter seems to claim that we not only don't care if white male heroes are injured, we *like* it. We're also hypocrits because we don't want women to be hurt but also don't want them to be out of danger.)

So this brave, swimming against the tide poster has taken the Women in Refrigerators list (this in itself is not a problem - no need to reinvent the wheel, after all) and for almost every woman on that list, he found several men who had similar injuries (or injuries he judged to be similar) and from that he deduced that more men are injured than women and so the feminists should have no complaints.

And, yes, he claims this is just a rough draft that's been sitting around his computer for years and he just now decided to get it off his computer by posting it (um. Yeah.), but there are several problems with this.

The question isn't have more women than men been injured in absolute numbers. Of course more men have been hurt, damaged, wounded, and killed in comics. There are more of them. The question is proportion. We need to know the absolute numbers of male characters and of female characters. We need to know the numbers of injured male characters and injured female characters. And we need to know the ratio of injury for both.

(We also need to define injury, of course, or the number will be 100% and none of this will mean anything.)

Until then, it's just a lovely straw man.
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I just bought my last issue of that. Also, my last issue of WW until Gail Simone takes over. Jodi Picoult is a fine prose writer, but comic writing is a different skill and she doesn't have it.

spoilers )
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Major spoilers; some tears
Interesting bunch of comics this week. Three of them nearly had me crying.

52 #12 )
Birds of Prey #96 )
Batman #655 )
Nightwing #122 )
Supergirl #8 )
Action #814 )
JSA Classified #14/JLA Classified #25 )
Daredevil #87 )
Astro City Special )
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Yesterday, when I went back to the comic book store that is local to where I work, not to where I live to pick up the bank card I'd left there (prior to losing my nice umbrella, but that's okay, because I had a backup), I decided to make the trip more worthwhile by checking out the trade paperbacks.

And there it was - New Teen Titans. Who is Donna Troy?

And there were a couple of surprises inside. )


May. 1st, 2006 03:35 pm
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DC has been putting out these Showcase tradepaper backs - phone-book sized compilations of older comics in black and white. At $16 for 500 pages, I figure they're a bargain (it's in imitation of Marvel Ultimates.) I've purchased two of them - "Superman Family", which was largely Golden Age Jimmy Olsen plus one Lois Lane, and "Teen Titans", which were their first two appearances plus the first 18 issues of their own title.

Superman's Boy Pal )

Teen Titans! )
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Huh. All DC main universe this time.

Batman #643 )
Nightwing #111 )
Green Arrow #53 )
JLA #117 )
Villains United #4 )
Outsiders #27 )
Supergirl #1 )
I also read Rann-Thanagar War #4, but honestly? I'm not following it well. I really don't know Captain Comet, except it seems his shirt is very, very red.
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I know it's been awhile, but I wanted to say things about a few of the ones I read this week.

Wonder Woman #219 )

Legion of Superheroes #8 )

The Flash #224 )

JLA Classified #10 )

JLA/Cyberforce #1 )

The rest. )


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