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Working Cook May 7 and May 10, 2010

Also, I seem to be writing an Age of Sail Kradam story.
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I started wearing my new scrub skirts today. They're a bit cheesy in material, but lightweight, comfortable and have large pockets. They're also straight skirts and more slimming, according to [personal profile] jonbaker, than the knit a-lines I've been living in.

Now I need to find NICE straight skirts with kick *pleats* because I don't like wearing slits. It's a modesty thing.

May 6, 2010
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I'm tired and I'm worried about my father-in-law and I'm forgetting things. I don't have a perfect memory, but that's odd for me. I need to figure this out.

Or rest.

Or something.

April 20 and April 21, 2010
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Mom continues to improve. She's even planning an 80th bday party for her husband - in a KOSHER restaurant. YAY! My stepfather's family does a lot of parties, but they're usually on Saturdays and we couldn't eat anyway, so this is doubly good.

April 8, 2010
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My mother has pneumonia. She's home - she was never hospitalized for it - and she's feeling better already - but she has pneumonia. As a consequence, she was unable to come to us the last night of Pesach.

Anyone want veal stew? :)

We're going to see her on Sunday. Which is also her husband's birthday. So we'll bring our own food and watch everyone else enjoy each other's potluck. Price of keeping kosher.

We got the kitchen mostly back to normal by midnight last night (we stared about 11PM.) I still have foil everywhere, but my chometz stuff is out or available and my pesach stuff is back in the closet. Then we had dinner.

Veal stew.

With matzo farfel.

In the chometz dishes.

Noodles tonight!

New cooking blog post: April 2 and April 7, 2010
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Father-in-law has been moved to a rehab for a few weeks, but he's much improved. Mom says she'll be with us on Monday night. So that's all good.

First night was lovely - just the four of us, but we had a terrific, relaxed seder that ended nice and early for a change. Second night had some fireworks before the main event, but all has been settled and the ten of us also had a fun time - and we even pulled a surprise bar mitzvah.

The young man in question was only vaguely interested in Judaic studies and his parents had other difficulties, and we, of course, were not going to push, since that would be wrong, but Jonathan was sondek at hs bris (he held the baby) and there is some sense of responsibility. Also, it's easier to get forgiveness than permission.

It was very simple, really. The purpose of the bar mitzvah celebration is to demonstrate that the young man is considered an adult in terms of Judaism and can therefore do things as a representative of other adults - lead prayers, for example, or say a blessing, and have others rely upon him that it counts - if they acknowledge by answering "amen".

There are lots of blessings in the Haggadah, including FOUR for the cups of wine. We simply had the young man read the blessing for the second cup AND the paragraph preceding it in English, and ensured the table answered "Amen." Then we congratulated him and gave him a book - Telushkin's Jewish Literacy. Still not sure about his father's reaction but his mother was thrilled. He himself was...thirteen. "Yeah, okay. Fine."

And that fifteen pound turkey? Gone. Four people on Monday night, four people for Tuesday lunch, a big hunk given to my mother-in-law, who LOVES turkey but didn't get to make one this year and the rest into a pot of soup. YAY!

And the real blog post: April 1, 2010 for realz
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Chag kasher v'sameach to those who celebrate. A lovely two days to those who don't.
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My guests are melting like mist. The three additional guests? Going elsewhere.

I'm serving a 15.5lb turkey to four people. Plus my lunch guests tomorrow.

Said turkey is, however, in the oven. The matzo balls are simmering. The charoset is made. The asparagus is cleaned. I'm doing okay, I think.
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I made a ton of stuff last night. In fact, what I have left to do is - um. I need to make asparagus, the turkey, and...yeah. And to do some more shopping. Not bad, eh?


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