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So. This will be long, so bear with me.

Adam and Kris are in love, but it is a forbidden love because omg gay and anyway Kris is married. But it's not a good marriage - as the all-wise Mama Allen knew - so it's heading for divorce. That Kris is secretly gay and in love with a man contributes to this, but really it's just not good.

However, it would destroy Kris's career if it were known that his marriage was falling apart because he's really in love with Adam (ignore the other parts about the marriage not being good, since that doesn't help.) And the marriage is good for his image as the sexy but straight married white Christian boy, so he and Katy are maintaining it even though it is loveless and sexless.

While on the Idol tour, Adam, for love of Kris, took up with Drake as a beard to make it safe for Kris and Katy to divorce because then no one would suspect it was anything but two people who got married too young and then got caught up in all the hoopla of Idol, not Kris's love for another man because that other man is involved. But that didn't work because Adam was faithful to Kris and because Drake didn't like the publicity necessary for being a good beard.

To maintain this fiction, Kris and Adam rarely saw each other even though both lived in LA and had the same management and even went to the same red carpets once in a while, and Katy was doing a webseries in Arkansas. Kris didn't event take the chance of going to Adam's birthday party. Far too risky - which is why they haven't been seen together since last February and Kris is building a house with his wife back in Arkansas.

But Adam found celibacy really really difficult and needed some sort of outlet because he's a gay man and has no real control. Or he wanted another beard that no one took really seriously. Enter Tommy, who had the bad luck to fall in love with Adam even though Adam is in love with someone else, and so let Adam USE him, either as a shield or a sexual outlet (or both), but forced to hide the reality because Tommy's family believes he's straight will turn against him if he were gay but is fine with him kissing Adam every night.

Once the tour was over, though, Adam went through with beard plan again, using David Cook's money to fly this finnish guy (no names allowed) back and forth and take him on swag vacations even when Kris was in LA (so they wouldn't take the risk of being together). Finnish guy is a beard and well-paid to increase his celebrity in Finland, but Adam is still unable to be faithful (unless he is) and so he is currently betraying both poor,used, broken-hearted Tommy (who only has his dreams of rockstardom to sustain him) and faithful Kris who is only waiting for that divorce to be final (and the new house built and maybe the second album)so they can be together. Also, he is not working on his second album because he has no work ethic and only wants to pretend to have sex(or really have sex) with the Finnish guy with no name.

Do I have this right?
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