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For some silly reason or other, I made an injoke about Anne McCaffery's Pern to my husband this morning. And that put the entire Pern universe in my head.

Like all fannish things these days, that led to thoughts of Adam in that universe. Wiki has some decent articles about Pern for those who don't know.

So, Adam's the Weyrsinger (entertaining the riders, their family and support staff, and teaching the children). He's seventeen, doing his journeying before going back to the Harperhall to eventually become a singing Master. He can play instruments – required for harpers - but, of course, he's mostly about his voice. He's also very good at teaching the weyrbrats. And there's a Hatching and – here is where I had two very different thoughts.

1. The serious treatment. Adam Impresses a bronze dragon. This throws the Weyr into consternation because while there are plenty of gay dragonriders, they all ride blue or green (low-ranking) dragons. What if – horrors – he becomes the Weyrleader? Actually, this is probably more of an issue for the Lords Holder, but it's an issue. He's also old for a weyrling AND he does have this whole other job.

2. The silly treatment. Adam bonds a gold dragon. Her name is Glamth. Chaos ensues.


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