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So, looking at the changes for Idol, it seems that what they're looking for are pretty puppets, not a great singer or a person with vision.

And that's a huge mistake for them.

At this point, I think we can point to three definite successes from Idol, and one who is probably there, but it's early days for him yet.

And of the four of them, three of them came into their recording with a definite idea of what they wanted.

Kelly wanted her second album to be more rock than pop. That didn't work out for her, but she got her way, and it's been clear that she's very much her own creation. And granted that the original Idol is in a unique position, she's still pretty much the top success story.

Carrie's whole heart is in country music, and she refused to allow her label to make her change that, to make a more "pop" album, or to make a pop edit for her songs. And the result is that she's one of the new queens of the genre, with plenty of respect, plus singles and albums that continue to sell.

All the signs - good sales, sell-out tour, international recognition, the Grammy nomination - point to Adam being one of the Idol successes. He had a very, very clear vision of what sort of album he wanted, and he got it. He never had to compromise it, at least not to the point of the project being anything BUT Adam. He didn't even have to fight for it, so he has the impression that his is the normal experience. I don't know if that's because they recognized his extraordinary talent or because of his sheer force of personality, but that's how it seemed to work. BUT I'm also sure that if people had not just rolled over, he would have fought to get his vision.

Daughtry doesn't seem to have had to fight, but Daughtry The Album came out just at the height of his sort of music. The album he wanted to make was the same album the label wanted him to make. However, he also had a clear idea of who he was and what he wanted. We don't know what would have happened if they hadn't wanted the same thing, but I suspect Daughtry would have pushed and possibly won. The man had a job offer from an alt-rock group the day after he was kicked off - he knew he could go elsewhere. So could Adam, and I bet, so could Carrie.

For everyone else, though, we get stories of being pushed to pop (Bo Bice, for example), of a second album designed to fail (Clay), and Kris was not happy about anything to do with the way The Truth was released. The people who have been turned into puppets to whatever degree have not succeeded.

BTW, this gives me hope about Crystal. She's not doing spectacularly right now, but at least it's on her own terms and that's a lot better than on someone else's. Not sure how hard her label fought her, but her sticking to her vision is a good thing.

They don't want the troublemakers, though. They don't the stubborn people who know who they are - they can make bad choices and lose money. They want a little puppet who does as she is told, and this year's season will try to do that. I predict, though, that if someone does stick to their guns, has a vision and a voice and personality of their own - not an imitation of anyone before - and is allowed to shine, there might be a star from this season. I hope so.
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