Jul. 6th, 2010 10:38 pm
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It's been a very long month - longest month of June, ever (and I know it's July.) [personal profile] jonbaker has one more day of sheloshim (first thirty days of mourning) before he...doesn't change a huge amount for the next ten months, except that he will now alternate leading his work minyan with another mourner instead of being the only one.

Meanwhile, he was also sick last week. He woke up with a fever last Monday - over 100°F. It could be reduced a degree or so with acetominophen (he's taking meds that advise against nsaids), but that was it. He went to his doctor on Tuesday, and was told it was probably viral, but she took a throat culture in case it was strep and gave him a script for antibiotics to not fill unless it was. He's prone to strep. He went again on Thursday because still feverish. No respiratory or stomach symptoms.

Thursday night, he asked me to look at his leg - there was a swollen area with a red patch in the center on his calf. The red part was hot to the touch and very painful. There was no visible injury, but it looked like cellulitis. He put on the super prescription antibiotic cream he uses to prevent it - it does go through the skin, and emailed our doctor. He also managed to see him (our primary doctor is male, but he has a female partner we also see) for about 30 seconds, where he was told it was a "classic presentation", told to keep using the cream and given a script for a different antibiotic. By Sunday, the fever was gone, and he went to work today, with the cellulitis much reduced.

That week was awful, not just because he was ill in general, but because he couldn't work and couldn't go to shul to say kaddish. He learned mishnahs at home instead, but he couldn't concentrate well, either.

My own experiences have been far less epic. Mostly, I'm getting used to the earrings. The stress-induced rash cleared up with Aveeno lotion, and when I had to remove them earlier than a month (no choice, but nothing to do with the earrings), I replaced the starters about fifteen minutes later with a pair of sterling silver nickel-free sand dollars, so now I have PRETTY earrings. Pretty and FLAT - easier to sleep in. I'm going to keep these in for another couple of weeks, I think, before I start changing them around. I have a couple more pairs I can wear.

Question - at what point can I stop wearing them at night?

Otherwise - I'm still cooking along.

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About your earrings: I would leave earrings it at night for at least six months, depending on how fast you heal. I heal really fast and couldn't take my earrings out for longer than a couple of hours without them trying to close. Now that I've had them for several years, I can take them out for a bit.


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