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1. My ears are now pierced again. They were originally pierced when I was seven or so but I stopped wearing earrings a long, long time ago and they've healed over. I've realized that my hats and scarves were crying out for earrings. And I had no idea where to get them pierced anymore - used to be you could get them done in jewelry stores, but not anymore. I even asked in a jewelry store. She suggested going to a mall. Twitter friends suggested Claire's or a tattoo parlor. One required an excursion, the other is not possible for me.

Today, though, I went to a local store - a shoe repair place that also sells costume jewelry - to buy a necklace. A really cool one made of metallic flowers, that came with earriings. I said it was a shame I was getting earrings I couldn't wear, and that I didn't know where to go to remedy that. At that point, another customer said I could go to the beauty salon two blocks away. She'd gotten her daughers' ears pierced there.

I walked those two blocks, stopping for cash along the way, and walked in. Twenty minutes later, I walked out with little silver studs. She repierced one ear in the original place, but the other ear had moved, so she had to go a little under it.

2. I got my first Urban Organics delivery. I got a nice variety of fruits and vegetables, in quantities appropriate for a couple. Got some tropical fruit, a couple of potatoes and onions, peaches, summer squash, beets w/greens. I'm getting some ideas now.


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